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Dry type transformers


Environment Line is a new a new constructing conception adopted by EREMU for any installation needing particular attention and request regarding the environment.

During the last few years, according to a very noteworthy technological progress, EREMU has recognised their success in their quality products and the “modus operandi” regarding the dry type transformers, auto-transformers and reactances manufacturing.

Thanks to a 25-year technical experience in the sector EREMU are able to meet a wide variety of requirements for distribution and for special units up to 36 kV.

The whole dry type production has a very low volume of flammable material. For those environments where the energy in case of fire must be very low, Environment Line guarantees a very low Kcal quantity.

Environment Line can be supplied with protection enclosure according to the IP required. EREMU enclosures are painted with epoxy paints according to the required RAL (standard 7032) in pickled or galvanised sheet for outside installation.

For special application EREMU provide aluminium enclosures completed with MT ceramic and LV resin insulators.