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Cast resin transformers


HV cast resin transformers have reached a high level of reliability thanks to the latest technologies. The E2, C2, F1 production can be used with high level of humidity and pollution avoiding all the fire risks, the toxic emissions and any harmful substance. The transformers are manufactured with fire-retardant, insulating and self-extinguishing materials, so they are not exposed to all the restrictions normally applied to the flammable machines where there is fire spreading and propagation danger.

The whole EREMU production is manufactured in galvanised carpentry and class F or H insulating materials. The windings are vacuum encapsulated with epoxy resin or vacuum class H polyester resin impregnated.

The transformers can be supplied with protection enclosure according to the required IP. The protection enclosures can be supplied in pickled or galvanised sheet for outside installation.

EREMU products are therefore suitable for installation in hospitals, banks, public buildings, residences, tunnels, on boats, subways, off shore and in shore platforms.