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Light flow regulators (ERELUZ)

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Technical Features
  • Controlled by digital processor.
  • Efficiency over 98%.
  • Programmable startup time.
  • Possibility of programming the voltage at rated level: 230/220/210 VAC.
  • Possibility of programming the voltage at reduced level: 200/190/180 VAC.
  • Independent phase regulation in three-phase models.
  • Easy installation by incorporating in line header.
  • Automatic reset.
  • Lighting energy savings up to 55%.
  • Quick payback and high reliability.
  • Extends lamp life.
  • Reduces failures.
  • Maintains the uniformity of lighting.
  • Maintains installation Cos Phi.
  • Does not produce harmonics in the network.
  • Does not produce micro cuts.
  • Foreseen for all types of lamps.
Block Diagram

Light flow regulators

The system is integrated in the head of the lighting line providing a stabilization and regulating between two levels, nominal and reduced, the amount of energy provided to the lamps.

This control is programed from the external clock, that controls the installation and the energy in the startup and changes to reduced mode lineally, without important alterations in the lighting.

An optional remote control and information system via GSM would keep us informed of operating conditions and incidents.

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