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Medium voltage inductances


EREMU produce dry type reactances and grains oriented magnetic core reactances. Our product range can suit every kind of requirement, inside or outside installation.

EREMU reactors range from some dozens VAR to 10MVAR with currents above 5000A. the reactances are manufactured by impregnation in vacuum system with class H polyester resin, granting them with sturdiness and very good humidity and pollution resistance.

Special production like the short circuit reactances are manufactured with a double electric insulation and anchored output. The threephase systems can be provided with the three windings mounted one above the other with special supports insulated up to class 36kV.

The reactances are manufactured in Copper and/or Aluminium in class F or H insulation material according to CEI EN 60289 – EN 60076.

Special productions include shunt, current limiting, damping, tuning (filter), arc-suppression, smoothing reactors and earthing transformers. EREMU reactances can be supplied with protection enclosure according to the required IP even for outdoor installation. For special applications the protection enclosures for dry type reactances without core are made of stainless steel.