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Automatic voltage regulators (ERESTAB)

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Failures on the distribution lines, atmospheric discharges, continual load variations and disturbances generated by the users make it impossible to guarantee always a steady voltage within the tolerance bandwidth stipulated in the supply contract with the electric energy producer. Very often the tolerance is insufficient for more sensitive facilities. Other times the mains voltage reaches levels that exceed the foreseen rated value by 15, 20 or even 30%.

The voltage fluctuations are particularly treacherous interferences since they are not seen and can only be detected by using specific equipment. When such interferences are present, the electrical equipment seems to maintain correct operation but disguises serious problems that at times are beyond repair.

ERESTAB electrodynamic voltage stabilizers offer a reliable and tested economic solution to inconveniences caused by voltage fluctuation. ERESTAB employment is a real investment because the inconveniences elimination means a reduction as costs and an increase as productivity.
Available in single-phase and three-phase solution and with power ranges up to 4200kVA.