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EREMU, S.A. was established more than 60 years ago as a company dedicated to manufacture and repair electrical transformers.

Afterwards, and due to complete a range of parallel necessities detected in our customer’s environment, we enlarged our range of products with a line of elements associated to the others.

A line of battery chargers and another of power suppliers constituted this new range basically. In both cases directed preferentially to our customers on the naval sector.

At the moment our presence in the market is completely consolidated due to our firm bussiness policy. The strongest points of this policy are the following:

  • Best quality guaranteed (From computer electrical design to automatized final testings).
  • Fluid and permanent contact with our clients: in order to adjust as much as possible to their needs.
  • Efficient and quick service guaranteed. Followers of all the international certificates: International standards of manufacturing and testing (IEC, UNE, NEMA, UL,…), CE Standard, ISO,…
  • Wide presence in different markets (Oil & Gas, naval sector, railways, Tool machines, Eolic Industry, Solar energy, Power electronic, galvanic baths, Diverse Industries)-
  • Firm commitment to internazionalization (wide network of distributors worldwide, commercial office in Mexico and manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia).